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Freedom Bound Ministry: Vision Statement

A movement of sexual revival and healing to the nations and generations through speaking, writing and a healing ministry with the message of God's miraculous, healing power to set people free --first to the church and then to the world.

What We Do

We develop resources that cross cultural and language borders in order to:

  1. Counter our culture's lies about sex with God's truth.
  2. To provide a message of prevention for youth to help them make healthy choice regarding their sexual future.
  3. To provide a message of truth and healing to those with current sexual struggles and addictions.
  4. To provide resources to help those who've been wounded by their sexual choices or other's choices against them to find healing and freedom.
  5. To train leaders to help people find healing using the resources.

How You Can Help

Your tax-deductible donations to Freedom Bound Ministry will assist in a movement to counter the message of the sexual revolution with the following objectives:

  1. To provide more resources to bring the message of truth and healing to a world wounded by the consequences of our culture's casual sex message.
  2. To provide books and resources free of charge to ministries that can't afford them.
  3. To expand the ministry into the prisons across the nation and the world.
  4. To assist Freedom Bound Ministry to travel to developing countries with their message of sexual freedom and healing.
  5. To assist in providing healing resources to the victims of sex-trafficking locally and abroad.