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The Invisible Bond

The Invisible Bond

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You've had sex. But now sex has you.


It’s a past that haunts the present. Sabotaged relationships, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, an empty spiritual life. Sex will bind you up and tie you down. Why? It's just sex.


But 'just sex' means your body, soul, mind, and spirit have become one with another. Released from a past of her own, Barbara Wilson now combines scientific research and Scripture to offer striking new insights about what sexual bonding is, why it is harmful, and how to move freely into your future. Complete with a study guide for group or personal use. The Invisible Bond is your hands-on tool for changing not only your past... but your life.

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The Invisible Bond

Through her book, The Invisible Bond: how to break free from your sexual past, and speaking engagements, Barbara compels those broken and wounded by their sexual pasts to find forgiveness and healing. Her message of hope testifies to her own healing journey.

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