Barbara's books have radically changed the face of our Women's Ministry! These women, no longer held back by shame and secrecy, are transformed by God's truth to live life freely and passionately in His love. We see the radical change in their lives, their marriages, their friendships, and their relationship with God. It has permeated our entire ministry with authenticity and transparency making it a real place to experience God's love and grace.

Barbara is a compelling speaker who shares openly and honestly from her heart. Her personal experience, warmth and candid perspectives create the perfect combination for God to work! Whether sharing her compelling personal story, or teaching the clear steps she created toward breaking the chains of the past, Barbara offers real hope and healing for the future. She is a versatile speaker, able to effectively relate to teens and adults alike. Barbara is having a profound influence in our community, and I am confident she will in yours as well.

Rachel Johnston

Pastor of Women's Ministry, Multi-Campus Bayside Church, California

I'm positive that every woman will relate in one way or another. God has given Barbara Wilson the ability to teach women how to find true healing and hope. Her powerful message frees wives to embrace intimacy in marriage as He intended. Husbands, encourage your wives to read Kiss Me Again - or even better, read it with her. You'll both be glad you did.

Gary Smalley

Author, From Anger to Intimacy and The Language of Sex

Barb's honesty and vulnerability will inspire you to let God do in your life what he has done in hers, mine, and millions of other lives. He has set us free from self-defeating guilt and shame, helped us embrace our sexuality rather than fear it, and taught us how to enjoy genuinely healthy, intimate relationships. If that sounds appealing to you, then you hold the right book in your hands."

Shanon Ethridge

Best-selling Author, Every Woman's Battle Series

A group of students from my Human Sexuality course indicated a need for more information on sexual healing. So, I’ve adopted The Invisible Bond as a supplementary text and it clearly meets their need and fills a real gap in the literature on sexuality. Barbara Wilson explains how sex outside of marriage can impact you at a hormonal and chemical level, exposes the addictive nature of sex outside of love, discusses the difference between forgiveness and healing, and provides a healing model that facilitates breaking those invisible bonds that you might have with previous partners - setting you free to love again with abandonment and joy. I'm excited to see how God will use her work to heal the ever growing number of individuals who’ve experienced sex outside of God’s ideal and who now live with the aftermath.

Bev Wiens, Ph.D., M.F.T.

Chair, Psychology Dept. William Jessup University

Do you want to dance in the place of freedom? Through honest sharing and skillful instruction, Barb shows you the steps. Wait no longer! Grab this book, prayerfully read it, and be set free!

Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

Authors, Intimate Issues

The Invisible Bond is an incredible journey and will take any hurting heart to a place of healing.

Dr. Douglas Weiss

Author, The Final Freedom; Pioneering Sexual Addiction Recovery

As Barb Wilson described The Invisible Bond of an out-of-bounds sexual past, I sensed that many of my listeners made a discovery leading to freedom. As they called the show and shared their struggles with Barb, I saw transformation begin.

Joe Pursch

Host, "Real Talk With Joe Pursch", Salem Radio Network

It was such a blessing to have Barbara come share her incredible story of God’s love, grace and redemptive power with us at Pure Girl Talk. There was something for everyone: young gals desiring to walk in purity; women wounded by the world and the enemy’s lies; moms of daughters needing help with parenting in this area; women in ministry coming alongside others; and the list goes on. The response to Barbara’s teaching has been amazing. I had several mature Christian women tell me they were impressed by how much they learned. I had another share that she thought “she was there for someone else” and realized that she was there for herself. Some gals who were walking in sexual sin are seeking God because of Barbara’s message. Barbara did an incredible job of sharing Scripture and speaking God’s truth, along with science and practical information, with her precious testimony woven throughout. It was the right message, at the right time, by the right speaker. Thank you! God is at work and lives are being changed. Thanks to Barbara, the women at FBC are learning to grow and walk in freedom.

Melissa Yocum

First Baptist Church of Elk Grove, California

First let me say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!...This book is a brilliantly lit path to the journey of healing that so many of us need to walk. Thank you for your courage, not only to walk the path, but to light the way for others... To my knowledge I have not read another work on the subject of sexual bonding and the healing required from its hold over us that is not only this readable, but theologically sound and deep. I know that God is going to use this book above and beyond what you could ask or think in the lives of thousands. I have already planned to write an email encouraging all those on my mailing list to get your book and get it into the hands of those whom they think could benefit... Please consider me a BIG FAN and I pray that our paths will cross someday so that I can give you a BIG HUG!!!

Pam Stenzel

Speaker, Author

Choosing to read The Invisible Bond could be the most significant decision you have made. The path to healing is in here. The path, plus time, plus your healing choices, can lead to healing and healthy connections with others. I commend you for taking the journey to repair your heart. Know that God loves you and is there for you as you discover His truth and implement it into your life.

Stephen Arterburn

Founder, New Life Ministries

Thanks much Barb. You are a very good speaker. Clearly gifted… you use humor and honesty very well and you make sense. You stayed on an understandable path, have a nice appearance and immediately gained credibility. Very well done!

Michael Baggett

Singles Pastor, Bayside Church

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