The Next Step

This is a long list, but it's by no mean an exhaustive one. Did you see yourself in any of the questions? Can you relate to any of these scenarios? If so, then your past is affecting you today and you are in need of healing.

Although we may try to minimize our past experiences and believe that time alone is a healer, the truth is that until we bring the past out of the secret place and allow God to show us how our past wounds are still hurting us today, we will not heal. Time doesn't 'heal all wounds' as the saying goes, instead time teaches us how to cope and medicate the pain. Acknowledging and addressing our past is what brings healing.

I pray that you'll allow God to heal you as I and countless others have, and begin to experience the freedom healing can bring.

Which Book Do I Need?

If you're single...

I suggest getting The Invisible Bond.

If you're married...

Try Kiss Me Again.

Both books offer steps to healing and a study guide at the back of the book to go deeper or to do in a group. The Invisible Bond shares more of my story and my journey to healing whereas Kiss Me Again addresses more specifically how sex from the past, whether from abused trauma or your own choices impacts physical and emotional intimacy in marriage.

If you want or need deeper healing...

Try the companion study guides, Free for Women, or Free for Young Women, or Break Free for Men. They feature twelve chapters with five lessons in each chapter taking you on an intensive healing journey with God. Using Scripture, engaging questions and impactful exercises, the study guide works well in a small group setting or on your own. It is also a great companion to counseling or trauma therapy. We have many counselors in our area recommending the study guide to their clients along with therapy.

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