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Note: Formerly Break Free from Your Sexual Past.

Free For Women

Free For Women, Finding Freedom and Healing from Your Past

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A Study of Freedom, Forgiveness, Healing and Hope.

Free For Women, Finding Freedom and Healing from Your Past is a study providing forgiveness, freedom, healing and hope to those who've been wounded by their past sexually, whether through choices of their own or other's choices forced upon them.

An estimated 95% of people today have sex before marriage, a recent survey has discovered. The sexual revolution promised freedom, fun and pleasure but delivered pain, shame and wounding instead. The result? Present lives and marriages that are haunted by the past.Sexual dysfunction, broken relationships, an empty spiritual life -- all because of sexual bonding in our pasts.In other words, you've had sex. But now sex has you.

Until you heal. If you've asked for forgiveness -- you've been forgiven, without question. But healing is different. Forgiveness reconciles us to God, but healing reconciles us to us. And then to others.

Barbara's book, The Invisible Bond: How To Break Free From Your Sexual Past (Multnomah Publishers 2006) has pioneered the way for men and women to discover the truth about sexual bonding and how it has impacted them. Hearts have been opened to hear the message and begin the healing process.

This companion Bible Study takes the healing journey to a greater depth by walking men and women through a grieving process for their sexual pasts, breaking the bonds from past sexual relationships, reversing the lies we've ingrained with God's truth and enabling us to re-bond in present or future relationships. Step by step the reader will walk the path Barbara took on her own healing journey as well as many others since.

Already piloted by Barbara at her own church and several other churches throughout the US for the past four years, its success is evidenced by the continual growth in size and numbers - and most importantly in the transformed lives and marriages.

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"Life-changing. This study not only changed my life, but it brought me back into the arms of my husband and to God where I belong." "This study made me open my eyes to my past sexual experiences and how they affected the choices I made in my life."

"I wasn't sure my marriage was going to work but this study has given me the tools and hope to overcome the emotional and spiritual obstacles that have been keeping me from being close to my husband. I now have God's perspective on sex and His Word has healed me in more areas of my life than just sex!"

"What a life changing experience it was going through this bible study. I have a new freedom, a new confidence, increased faith, and just an overall sense of well being. It brought me to a place of being okay with me, something I have struggled with all of my life."

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